Aug 232009

So, we hadn’t planned to shake tonight, but we could not let Miss Shaker Two’s very first Triathlon go unacknowledged. Scrounging around in the pantry and bar resulted in an impromptu, but quite enjoyable celebration of Shaker Two’s accomplishment: The Santa Barbara Triathlon. Yay Shaker Two!

And what better way to mark such a momentous occasion than with martinis? And what better martinis than our very own special recipes. Yes sports fans, these came right out of our weekend addled brains. And on the seventh day, the shakers looked upon what they created, and it was good. Soooooo good.

First off The Staciatini. All the deliciousness you desire, all the booze to soothe your thirsty spirit. Champagne sorbet, St. Germain, Vodka and a splash of champagne……it is frothy and sparkly and entices you to drink another. And another. And…..oh, well you get the idea. Yes, yes and yes. Try to resist. I dare you.

Shaker Two gives this one 4 3/4 olives

Shaker One gives it 5 olives~

Almost the golden olive.

Next is Mother’s Rose Garden. St. Germain, rosewater and vodka. So incredibly lovely. And garnished with rose petals from the Balcony Garden . Delicious.

We give this tini a 4 1/4 olives.

Well, it was a short shake tonight. We are looking forward to doing a fun shake theme night soon, so stay tuned. A bientot alors, mes amis!!


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