Aug 022009

Hello from Red Shaker headquarters. The Shakers decided to get together to plot our merchandising empire……over drinks, naturally.

As a change of pace, tonight we journey on a lovely river of bubbly: Champagne drinkies! As these are not officially martinis, we are suspending our olive rating system and just commenting on the drinks.

First off, The St. Germain Champagne Cocktail

A lovely summer drink. Slightly sweet. but not overly so. Shaker Two says, “I’m in love with St. Germain”. I think that’s still illegal in 29 states, but we can all dream of a day when equality reigns.

Next up is the Champagne Julep.

Yes sports fans, that is exactly what it sounds like- a mint julep made with champagne and cognac instead of whiskey. Ok, this one takes the triple crown! Even Miss Shaker Two, who is not a mint fan, enjoyed this. I would happily drink this while sitting on the veranda entertaining my beaus. Tomorrow may be another day, but we need another bottle tonight.

In between our libations, we are actually putting together our Red Shaker Shop. Coming soon: t-shirts, boxers and a variety of products celebrating the Shaker Life!

One Technical note: in addition to blogspot, you can now reach our page at:

Whilst Shaker Two deals with the technical side of things, I wonder what drink we should have next………….

La Vie En Rose~champagne with rosewater. Mmmmmm, this smells amazing. The rose flavor is subtle but definitely there. We like this one! Note: as I didn’t have any rose champagne chilled, we made this with brut. The recipe used rose. for an enormous list of champagne based cocktails, go to

You won’t run out of options with this website. Really comprehensive and fun. We will be trying many more from this site in the future. I do love my bubbly.

Thanks for joining us for this impromptu strategy session. Check back soon for links to the store and be the coolest or at least the drunkest kid in your neighborhood by sporting the Red Shaker gear!

Shake ya later! 😉


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