Olive Ratings


When we first began this adventure, we wanted to come up with a way that would easily rank the various drinks we have made. After a bit of thought – and martinis – we came up with a symbol that is synonymous with martinis: the olive.

The more olives, the better the end result with some fractions mixed in for finer detail. Our hope is that one day we will be able to find a few icy concoctions that earn the Golden Olive. The epitome of mixology and martinis everywhere.

The Olives:

Hate it

Not bad, but would not order one in a bar.

I’d order it, but not my favorite.

Oh, yeah. Bring me (at least) another round!

Oh, sweet mother, put that in my mouth as fast as possible…bring more!!

The Golden Olive… the clouds parted and the angels sang. This drink should be bronzed, Canonized and given to every man, woman or young (over 21) adult. It might just bring about world peace.


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