Jun 082011

Bonjour and welcome to the latest episode of Bubbly Tales.  Shaker One recently enjoyed a fabulous trip to Paris.  While there, I may have sipped a Kir Royale or twelve.  (no, not all in the same day)

But the drink that knocked my chaussettes off in a city that isn’t exactly known for it’s cocktails was this:

Ordered on a whim from a menu at, of all places, The Left Bank Marriot hotel bar…….The Paris Chic.

Wow.  Spectacular in both visual appeal and taste.  Had I discovered this beauty earlier in my trip we would have enjoyed a brief but passionate affair of the glass.  As it was, it was the perfect cocktail on my last night to bid au revoir to The City of Lights.  And the fact that the waitress spilled the first round on me made me feel like I’d been baptized by Paris.

It’s impossible not to feel good while holding this in your hand:

I can’t wait to gather the ingredients to make this at home.  And bring a bit of Paris to an evening whenever I wish.

Je t’aime Paris, J’adore Le Paris Chic!


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