Apr 042010

Hello and Happy Easter to all our Shaker pals. For all of you in Southern California- how did you enjoy your Easter Roll? Yes, a healthy earthquake made me feel like I’d already enjoyed a couple of our ‘tinis. Spring is here and some ingredients on hand inspired me to create a new ‘tini:

The Nasturtium Flip:

Vodka, fresh squeezed orange and key lime juice, a little sweetener, and egg white for foam and finished with a few dashes of Fee Bros Lemon Bitters. And yes, that’s a nasturtium from my balcony garden!

Shaker 2 popped up to weigh in on this: 

Delicious. Summery, fresh, with possibilities for other pairings……..

We shall play with this ‘tini again.

For all of you who were looking for the easter ‘tini…..check back tomorrow. There will be something tasting coming in to your e basket.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring, hope your day was lovely.
Shakers out.

Mar 282010

The weather has warmed up here in Southern California and it seems though spring has arrived. Plants are bloomin’, the bees are buzzing and the key limes have hit the stores!

In honor of this fabulous bit of tart produce, we bring you Key Lime Shaker Night!

The first concoction is a Key Lime Martini (v.1)

Oh, yes, this one was a beautiful start to the evening. Tart, sweet with a graham cracker rimmed glass – talk about tripping a light fandango on the tongue! It was creamy, tangy, limey and not too sweet. I can see this bad boy being a definite summer drink staple.

Both Shaker’s concur:

Now Key Lime Pie Martini (v.2)
This is the recipe 3rd down in the article

Ok , this one reads more “pina colada” than key lime pie. To quote shaker 2 “mrepfifownof” which translated to “I like your key lime mousse better”. You can’t argue with logic like that. And yes, I made key lime mousse for us tonight. May I say yum? Recipe at www.epicurious.com. Juicing key limes is a bit of a chore, but well worth the effort.

Shaker 2 and I agree that we would not try this one again. It’s not terrible, but not worth it compared to the first. We’d give this one . Meh.

So we moved on to our own Key Lime Martini-Shaker Style!

Instead of Rose’s lime juice, we used fresh squeezed key limes juice and simple syrup. Nice true key lime flavor, fluffier body, but we still both like the first one the best.

Well, its a workday tomorrow, we will wrap this up for now. If you want to try a key lime martini, try our first recipe.


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