Jun 242011

Recently at one of our Shaker Nights we were asked by a guest what a flip was, how one flipped, why and what exactly it brought to a cocktail.  This brings about the whole “yeah or nay” on raw eggs debate.  Wars were fought over less.

So, salmonella scares aside- a flip (adding egg whites to a shaken cocktail) is simply a way to add body and create a foamy top to the drink.  Shaker One thinks you do achieve a more smooth mouth feel with the egg whites, but it in no way affects the overall flavor of your drink.

Which do we prefer?  We of course decided to do a head to head taste test (so to speak).

Spicy Lemon Drop vs. Spicy Lemon Flip:

And the verdict?  The Shakers both enjoy them either way.  Certain martinis lend themselves to the foam.  The Earl Grey MarTeani, for example, suffers from the absence of the egg if you leave it out.  The Spicy Lemon Drop can be enjoyed equally either way.   Bottom line, like so many other things it comes down to personal preference.  Flip or don’t.  Whatever floats your boat.


Just stay away from the Frothee.  :/

Apr 242011

Shaker One here.  I enjoy a good flip.  And by flip I am referring to a cocktail shaken with an egg white to create a foamy “head” on top.  In addition to the head, you also get a sort of velvety mouth feel to the drink itself.  I find it lovely.

But there are many who have an aversion to the idea of using raw eggs in any form.  For this there are foaming products which are supposed to create the same result without the accompanying danger of salmonella.  I’ve long been curious about their efficacy and on my last trip to The Candy Store (Beverage Warehouse) I picked up a bottle to try.

Foaming Substitute

My liquid guinea pig?  The Spicy Lemon Drop.  Feeling a bit scientific, I threw a few dashes of our new friend Frothee into the shaker with the ice and ingredients as instructed.  <shakeshakeshake>

Spicy Lemon Drop Flip Foamy

It poured out into the glass with a somewhat more subdued head than I get with an egg white, but still noticeable.   And as I raised the glass to my lips I noticed a subtle smell.  Not quite plastic, not quite chemical, but also not quite pleasant.  Hmmmm, maybe it just has a bit of an odor.  I forged ahead.

Gahhhh~there was that oddness in the taste as well!  I got about 1/3 of the way through, trying to tell myself that I’d get used to it.  It isn’t overpowering, but because I could smell it as well as taste it with each sip, I found it mildly repugnant.  My poor lovely Spicy Lemon Drop, sacrificed down the drain in the name of science.  (a moment of silence in deference to his service please)

Conclusion:  Frothee-darken my shaker no more.  I’d sooner risk raw egg ramifications.  If you’re pregnant or immune compromised I would not recommend a flip.  But then if you fall under those categories perhaps you shouldn’t be having a cocktail to begin with.  I’ll stick to my egg whites to get a good foam.

And now I’m off to wash the taste of Frothee from my lips.  Gahhh.


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