Dec 192009

Anyone who has spent any amount of time trying various beverages in bars and at home knows there are few constants in this world.

Sure, you have some classic drinks that even the most adventurous mixologist won’t mess with (assuming they have a clue about their craft): Screwdrivers, Tom Collins, Sidecar, Manhattan, etc… there are also a few terms that are sacred and do not vary from region to region like recipes are sometimes wont to do. This means you should be able to go into any bar, any where and have some consistency.
For example (and educational purposes):
Float: small amount of liquor poured over other ingredients so as to “float” atop the drink (the truly gifted can layer ingredient upon ingredient for a beautiful presentation.
Muddle: crush and mix an ingredient in the glass – like mint in a mojito.
Neat: unmixed drink served without ice.
On the Rocks: Served on ice (… get it?)
Shaker: a tool used to mix drinks by shaking (in a non-drink sense, it also refers to the two authors of this blog)
Shooter: a mixed drink usually shaken then served neat then gulped.
Straight Up: plain drink served neat with no rocks
Twist: piece of fruit peel squeezed over a drink then used as garnish.
Virgin: non-alcoholic version of a mixed drink.
Zest: small piece of lemon, lime or orange peel
Now.. based on this short and nowhere complete list of definitions, were you to order a Belvedere up with a twist, would that drink include olives? No.
It should be a pour of vodka with a bit of lemon. What was served was a glass of chilled vodka with a little plate of both olives and some lemon. Subsequent requests for another round of Belvedere up with a twist resulted in Belvedere with olives dumped in. *sigh*
Is this somewhat of a rant? Yes.
If your drink is not correct, don’t hesitate to send it back.
Conversely, if it is done well, reward the bartender accordingly.
Shaker Two on a Rant OUT.

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