May 272011

Shaker One here.  The other day as I ran through the market to grab dinner ingredients a small basket of the blackest shiniest berries drew me to them with their siren call.  Not knowing what I’d do with them was irrelevant.  I had to have them.

Into the fridge they went and I didn’t give them another thought.  Until later that evening I had a Eureka moment.  A martini recipe literally popped into my head:

The Blackberry Lime Martini

Blackberry Lime Martini

Muddled fresh blackberries, simple syrup, equal parts fresh lime juice and Rose’s lime, a dash of lemon, the Super Secret Ingredient and of course-vodka.  This poured out into the glass with a lovely shade of inky purple/pink.

Wow.  One taste and I was hooked.  I sent up the Shaker Signal to Shaker Two to run up and grab a taste.  The verdict?  At least a 4 1/2 olives.  Yum~  Slightly sweet, slightly tart, a perfect balance.  This one is good.

I’d pat myself on the back, but I’m too busy mixing up another round.  Put this one on your summer drink to do list.  You won’t regret it.


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