Apr 012012

I suppose we could make some joke about the Shakers renouncing all alcohol, it being April Fool’s Day and seeming to be the thing to do around the blogosphere.  But aside from the fact that our light posting of late would make a few casual readers take the bait, anyone who knows us would roll their eyes so violently that I fear we’d be responsible for a terrible rash of Marty Feldman look alikes.   We certainly don’t want that on our heads.  <shudder>

So rest easy in your glasses Shaker pals, we’re just as thirsty and beverage curious as always.  Here’s hoping that spring will bring new ingredients, new inspirations, and some damn free time to actually relax and have a cocktail or three.

Now I think there’s an unfinished bottle of prosecco in my fridge crying out for company.

Happy Sipping!


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