Mar 312011

Sadly, both Shakers have had to take  a bit of a hiatus from Shaking and tend to other things… but we felt we had neglected the shakers, vodka and our faithful followers long enough so we are sneaking in a mid week oasis of tastiness and relaxation.  Yes The Shaker Girls are back!  It’s March.  It’s 75 degree sundress weather.  The sun is setting, casting streaks of deep pink and scarlet across the sky and we are dipping our shaking toes back into the cocktail waters.

In a somewhat unorthodox departure from our martini theme, we are tasting some proseccos.  First up: a lovely rose from Mendocino California called Etoile!  Bottled by the people at Domaine Chandon, this shy girl splashes into the glass with a pale blush as if we’d told an off color joke.  Light, subtle and a fresh compliment to our mini appetizer feast.  Oh, did we not mention the tasties?

Domaine Chandon Etoile Rose

A walk back to some of our favorites:  cheezy poofs (petits gougeres), caramelized onion tarts (and Shaker One has finally cracked the perfect pastry crust!) and one new entry-eclectic endive spears with spicy/bacony/slightly sweek smoky filling and a balsamic glaze drizzle.   Yeah, we had at them.  Yum.  (I am not sure how Shaker One comes up with some of these combinations, but I think she would kick the snot out of those TV chef wannabes… and I am not just sucking up because I want more of her cooking. 😀 )

gougereonion tart

And then we moved on to dessert:   Sliced strawberries over a pool of meyer lemon curd with fresh whipped  cream.  And with it?

meyer lemon curd

OMG Shaker Two-where did you find this gem???  One sip and both Shakers flipped.  A surprisingly delightful spumante:  La Montecchia.  You can be sure we’ll both be hunting down more of this.  Delicious~!

Overall, the evening was a lovely catch up session and planning of things to come as big changes are in store in Shaker Land. Ought to be exciting and fun… stay tuned and we promise we won’t be away so long next time.

<One side note about the Etoile bubbly.  Though it is in a normal champagne style bottle, it has a beer bottle type cap on top.  No cork.  Shaker one was dubious, but it did not seem to have any effect on the flavor/effervescence at all.  I shall remember this one for tailgating.  Very easily opened with a regular bottle opener.>


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