Jul 142010

Many martini recipes using fresh fruit or herbs call for you to muddle the ingredients in the bottom of the shaker before adding the ice.  For soft fruit/herbs, like strawberries, this is fine.  But when the item to muddle is made of tougher stuff a simple traditional muddler just may not extract all the flavor you need for the drink.

The Shaker solution?  Whip out your handy immersion blender!  Just a pulse or two will really bring out any flavors you want.  It is a tremendous time saver as well.  Now this would not work for more delicate items- such as basil.  But for certain citrus and even ginger or other tougher shaker guests it’s the way to go.  Be sure to adjust quantities a bit when you use the immersion blender……it will extract much more flavor so you don’t want to overdo it.  And use a Boston shaker with a separate strainer to keep the bigger chunks out of  your drink without clogging up the top of a built in strainer.

Your immersion blender is also the best tool for making whipped cream for those dessert martinis.   And you can even pre-whip your egg whites a bit before adding them to a flip for more body in your drink.

An immersion blender is an excellent addition to  your bar.  And fun to use, too.


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