May 162010

This evening, we are honored to have with us our first official guest blogger (meaning he is not only participating, but also taking the reins for writing all of this evening’s post…) Welcome Chip Latshaw, blogger at BigRhinoDog. Chip has been a friend of Shaker Two for a number of years and we finally get Shaker One and Chip together for an evening of burgers, martinis and conversation. If you get the chance, take a look at his blog and read about the trip he is about to embark upon. I am so glad we were able to work in an evening together before he heads out on his Great Adventure……

“Is this a little bit too much of a chick drink?” I ask the Shakers as they pour a Strawberry Basil concoction into a glass.
“I don’t think so” Says Shaker 2
“Well it probably won’t pull in the chicks.” Adds Shaker 1
“Of course you could say you grew the berries in your urban organic garden.”Says shaker 2.

“You don’t have to drink all of it” Says shaker 1 and we all laugh.

Shaker 1 calls the strawberry thing 3 1/2 olive with a lot of promise
Shaker 2 says “I’ll concur with that one.”
I say that it makes me feel like a girl and we need something with more bite.

Then I eat two olives and give it a three.

the conversation turns briefly to politics then Shaker 1 puts some white corn with lime jalepeño butter on the grill and Shaker 2 suggests that we have more drinks.

Everyone agrees.

Shaker 1 starts making something called a “Tony Danza” which has grapefruit vodka, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Limoncello and an orange wedge. Carefully made orange twists settle into tall cocktail glasses. Shaker 2 pours me a shot of limoncello so I can see what it tastes like.

Its good but i still wonder what Tony Danza has to do with anything.

Shaker 1 finishes the drinks and we all try a sip.

No one says anything.

I laugh inappropriately. Shaker 1 says “You know what these need?”
“Not to be made with Absolut?” says Shaker 2.

Shaker 1 says that it would be better with real grapefruit juice instead of grapefruit vodka. I think if she makes it that way she would really show it “who’s the boss” and then it would be more name specific.

Then I find out it really called a “Private Danzka” and in addition to its questionable taste it now has a lame name. I give it 2 olives based on the lame name alone. (this is found on the same page as the recipe above)

Shaker 2 gives it: 2 1/2
Shaker 1 says: 2 3/4

The shakers explain to me that infused vodkas are almost always preferable to manufactured brands. I agree and hope look forward to the burgers on the grill and whatever the next drink will be.

Hang on, the burgers are almost done: I think we are going to have a traditional martini with the grilled meat.

{much later}

Good burgers, good grilled veggies – good traditional sapphire martini with one olive. Shaker 2 is doing dishes, shaker 1 is getting more ingredients and I am being obedient and “just sitting here being pretty’ That’s right, I’m a super star.

I give my trad-tini 4 1/2 olives because I’m a ridiculously conservative person.

Bring on the dessert!

The shakers are making something called “Lemon Meringue tinis” which sound suspiciously girlie and fruity but I do like Lemon Meringue so I’ll feign anger and try the sweet concoction.

Shaker 2 is talking about shots and tasters and sweetness and whipped egg whites while mixing and pouring like a madwoman.

I wish I was an egg white.

Apparently we’ll do “tasters and then a hero” whatever, just bring on the lemon-ness. The shakers make drinks the way other people cook – take a recipe and call it a starting point, then add a dash of this and a pinch of that. The idea is that drinks should be accessible as cooking.

“The whole world is your bar!” says shaker 1 while shaker 2 pulls heavy cream, powdered sugar, eggs and lemons out from the pantry. “Its still missing that creaminess” says shaker 1 and I smirk while drinks magically appear.

Shaker 1 is right though and I start to see the fun of home-mixology. We try two drinks, one with egg whites and one with heavy cream. neither one quite works so we talk about improving it. I want a graham cracker crust, and the ladies want more meringue. Shaker 1 goes to work on the drinks while shaker 2 makes a tasty dessert with blueberries and maple syrup and ginger snaps.

The lenom meringue things need work. (as does my spelling) Shaker 1: says “its not there yet” and declines a rating. Shaker 2 gives it 3 1/2 olives as is. I think it was tasty on par with the fruity strawberry thing.

Then we start talking about mass transit in the Los Angeles valley.

Soon its after 6:00 and i need to get back on the bike and head back to the ‘bu, so Shaker 2 downloads my out of focus pictures and I quickly change clothes and get ready to get out of Culver City.

How do you wrap up a guest post? okay I guess that’s all I’ve got to say – everything the shakers say is real and true – follow the recipes and find your way to tini bliss.

I’m down the road.


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