Oct 092009

After another foray to the Beverage Warehouse(yes, I bought some Rain Lavender Lemonade vodka!), I come home with a new liqueur mini: Canton Ginger Liqueur. Now I love ginger. I buy the sushi ginger just to snack on. Its my go to vodka infusion. Fresh ginger is one of my favorite flavors, so what’s not to like about boozy ginger?

So I trot over to the Canton website and check out their recipes.

First, I try a classic Canton Martini, hoping to get a good flavor read without too many competing mixers. I open the mini and sniff. Huh, that’s funny- I don’t smell ginger. It smells pretty much like strong booze/cognac. Let’s give it a try, shall we?

Um,no actually. This is a really boring drink. I taste absolutely zero ginger. It tastes like a vodka martini up, with a splash of cognac. And not even a good plain martini. 2 olives.

Let’s try one more and see if this bottle can find beverage redemption.
Canton L’Orientale:

Better, but mostly because the other ingredients mask that hot booze taste. Meh, drinkable but again, 2 olives.

And I’m being generous.

Well, I won’t give up on finding a ginger liqueur. but for now I’ll stick to my ginger infused vodka.

Sorry Canton, thanks for playing. Shaker 2, I’ve spared you martini disappointment.


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