Jul 142009

Tonight we raise a glass to wish a faithful shaker friend goodbye as she leaves California for new adventures. Shaker Two ferreted out some of the mythical Sweet Tea Vodka from her weekend of debauchery in Palm Springs.

If anyone other than Shaker Two had suggested this, I would have politely declined. But I trust her drunken instincts, so we eagerly awaited as she mixed us up a glass of Drunken Arnold Palmers. If you did not know it was booze, you’d think you were drinking a Snapple. Amazing. A perfect refresher for a hot summer evening. Or morning. Or mid afternoon…..
I think we’ve found a new summertime friend.

Warning: you do not feel like you are having a ‘real’ drink, so it would be way too easy to overindulge with these. They do pack a punch, so take it nice and easy. Or go ahead and get plowed, as long as you’re not driving.

Over the traditional dinner menu of Chicken Caesar Salad and Our Famous Stuffed Mushrooms, we discussed the merits of various summertime beverages.

And then we did a guests special request ‘tini. She perused our offerings to date and selected the Lenin-ade. An excellent choice! Goodbye MyLitte Pony- may Colorado offer you it’s best!


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