Jun 142009

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight we have a lovely beverage and snackie menu.

To begin with:

Chilled vichyssoise shooters with #5 Citrus martinis.

Nice clean, not too sweet. Would probably only have one.

Course two: arugula salad with warm bacon dressing and #6 The Lava Lamp Martini.

Wellll….we dearly wish we could love the lava lamp. It was pretty. However, it tasted like cough syrup. Nasty, nasty cough syrup. Unless you have a prescription or chronic bronchitis, take a pass.

Hating to waste the vodka. we invented the #7 Salvage-tini:

Basically the Lava Lamp, shaken up with lemon juice, fresh lime,etc…..the best we can say is that we rendered it drinkable. Take a pass on this. The residents of Pompeii had more warning. 1 olive.

And on to to the third course, Caramelized onion and Parmesan puffs with the
#8 Razzmary Tini

. Both delicious, but could add a bit more rose/razz to the next round. 

And for dessert: Frozen chocolate souffles and the #9 Wedding Cake Tini!

OMG- we’re drinking cupcakes! Surprisingly, the combination of pineapple, cranberry and vanilla vodka rendered a concoction that tasted like a cupcake with butter cream frosting. The flavors were subtle and delightful. Delicious! Cupcakey! Mmmm! 

Overall, an enjoyable evening with restraint. I could have had one more tini. Just a small one…….

Thank you for joining us and stop by again soon for another Red Shaker evening. And congratulations to the Lakers on their championship~ Next time I’ll make a Kobin-tini….and hog it all for myself!~ hee hee…….


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