Jun 292011

Shaker One here-back for another sip of all things fizzy.   So as I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a wine drinker.  I enjoy hearty reds with meals.  But wine is a “drink with food” beverage for me.  And for some odd reason -bubblies aside- I only drink reds.  While grabbing a few bottles of my new friend Lambrusco (red) I noticed that they had the same brand in white….hmmmm.  I was intrigued.


You know the drill:  glass, ice, toss in a few berries for fun and here we go.

Nice!  Very nice.  Soft, not too sweet and none of that “oaky” chardonnay taste I loathe.  You could very easily make a white sangria from this for the summer….add fresh berries, nectarines, whatever fruit makes you happy.

I’m still crushing hard on my new bestest summer friend Red Lambrusco, but Whitey can stop by every now and then and join in the fun.

Oh Lambruscos, where have you been all my summertimes?


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