Jun 222011

Hello bubbly fans, Shaker One here with the latest taste of all things fizzy.  After my experience with that retro red Riunite, I became curious about lambruscos.  What are these fizzy chilled reds?  Was the Riunite a fluke, or have I stumbled upon the perfect summer red?

So on my latest trip to Trader Joe’s I poked around and sure enough, they had a few different types.  I grabbed one bottle of a red lambrusco and one bottle of a white lambrusco (to be tasted later).  And last night I had one of those “I’m too tired to make dinner” nights.  Out of the freezer came a Tart D’Alsace (from TJ’s, shocking I know)which is phenomenal by the way……a French style flatbread with ham, caramelized onions and gruyere cheese.  Yum, and a perfect meal paired with a nice arugula salad.  While it baked, I poked around in the fridge pondering a suitable adult beverage.  Hmmm, let’s try that red lambrusco.

Over ice, in a wine goblet with a strawberry and wedge of lemon thrown in for good measure.


Oh my.  This one is fantastic!  Poured out with a nice foamy pink head, it had a fruity smell.  One sip and I’m hooked.  It is refreshing and fruity tasting without being at all sweet.  This will become a regular in my basket on my weekly (ok, bi or tri weekly) TJ’s field trips.  Though we’re “enjoying” the typical June Gloom here in Southern California, I can see this being just the thing to hit the spot on a hot summer day/evening.

And I’ve saved the best for last-this lovely refresher chimes in at around $6 a bottle!  Wow.  Lambrusco, I’m beginning to develop a healthy crush on you.


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