Mar 272010

Last week while I was away from LA I looked up at night and I could actually see stars. And while I’m a city girl at heart (….the lights of the city are the stars on the ground-name that tune!), there’s something about looking up at an indigo velvet canopy studded with sparkling lights that makes you stop and just be in the moment……….marveling at the immenseness and beauty. What else does it make you do? Well, if you’re a shaker it makes you mix up a martini inspired by the night sky.

And so we have:

The Starry Night

regular vodka, creme de violette, vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, a splash of lemon…….still working on the proportions but this has possibilities. The violette and vanilla play nicely together while the pineapple juice foams up a lovely solar system across the top of the drink. Hmmmm, maybe some champagne next time to add “sparkle” to the sky???

I need to work more with the creme de violette. It is a lovely liquor…..subtle taste and a mesmerizing color that goes from inky indigo to pale lavender depending on the mixers. I wonder how this would play with a tea infusion?

So like the night sky, a good ingredient should make you wonder where else the night will take you………..

(as is, 3 1/2 olives-but I think this could be worked up to a 4)

Shaker One bids you a good night.


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