Mar 172010

Shaker Two here. Shaker One is out of town at the moment, so I am posting a little something in her absence.

Sadly, I don’t have a new martini to share, schedules have been a wee bit crazy and though we have tried for a few Shaker Nights, it has not worked out – hopefully that will remedy itself soon.

One of our readers asked if we were coming up with a Shamtini in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Due to circumstances above, we had not – but this also got me thinking (dangerous, I know.) Would I take the route of creme de menthe as my base or be more calorically diabolical with a green milkshake, a la the golden arches, and go from there?

We might have to come up with a few ideas and do a belated nod to St. Pat.

Thanks to SuzyQ for the suggestion and we’ll see if we can do some justice to her idea.


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