Jun 012011

For this week’s episode of Bubbly Tales, I’m going to ask you to take a trip in the Wayback Machine with me all the way to 1983….Ah, fluffy hair, men’s suits still suffering from the 70’s hangover, and Riunite.  Yes, I said Riunite.

In the aftermath of Shaker Two’s move, I found myself the new owner of a few lonely bottles.  One of which was Riunite Lambrusco.  Now I knew nothing about this except half remembered jingles from decades past.  They still make this stuff?  People drink it?  Huh.

My first thought was-its red wine, why is it in the fridge?  I was pretty sure I’d never open it.  Then over the holiday weekend I was craving something different…..not a martini, not even a glass of the old standby prosecco.  I opened the fridge and spied that retro bottle.  Figuring the worst that would happen is that I’d be pouring it down the drain I pulled it out and unscrewed the cap.  Yep, screwcap.  Heh.

You know, it was surprisingly pleasant!  A very subtle fizz, more of a hiss than a foam and not too heavy.  Full disclosure:  I poured it over ice in a glass and squeezed a lemon wedge in for good measure.  Next time I’d do an orange slice.  It drinks a bit like a naked sangria-no fruit juice, no extra booze additions.  I can see this being a decent picnic wine or tailgate beverage.  And its cheap.  Like $6 a bottle.  Who would have thought?

Now I’m not going to tell you that this is a fine wine.  But it does make me curious to try other lambruscos.  And though it barely falls into the ‘bubbly’ category, it is good to go outside your comfort zone now and then.

Would I buy it again?  Maybe.  Will I look for other Lambruscos?  Definitely.  Would I get my hair feathered?  Not gonna happen.

(Now if I could only get that damn song out of my head…..)




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