Dec 032009

…..with Christmas ‘Tinis! It’s never too early to start celebrating the holiday season (well ok, anytime before Thanksgiving is too early). Tonight we’ve decided to test out a couple of party friendly Christmas martini recipes.

First up is our own creation: Frosty’s Revenge

Made with Shaker 2’s Snowman Soup hot cocoa mix, vanilla vodka (Stoli), amaretto, golden rum and heavy cream infused with a cinnamon stick. This one is creamy, not too sweet, with a hit of warmth from the rum/amaretto…..delicious! We give this one 4 1/4 olives as is, next time would add some nice cocoa or shaved quality chocolate for a richer result. Frosty you can come over and play again. We promise not to steal your magic hat.

Next up: The Peppermintini

We got this one from the Edy’s Ice Cream website. Peppermint ice cream, vodka and white cream de cocoa blended up. Usually I don’t enjoy the chunky rimming garnishes, but the crushed candy cane rim on this really makes the magic happen. Pair that with a spiral of chocolate syrup drizzled inside the glass, you’ve got happiness in a glass. This tini slides past 4 3/4 olives to perilously close to a 5 for Shaker 2. A solid holiday/dessert tini treat. If you only give yourself one gift this holiday season, give yourself the gift of creamy pepperminty boozy happiness. It will bring out your inner drunken child. Finding new ways to love candy canes is a beautiful thing.

It’s a school night, so Shakers 1 and 2 will call it a night, before we float away on a boozy sweet cloud of Christmas cheer.

Don’t worry shaker fans, we’ll be back soon with more happy holiday themed martinis.

Good night and remember, there are only 22 drinking days left until Christmas.


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