Jun 182010

{scene one-views of a farmer’s market.  Fresh produce in vivid colors piled high}

Shaker One gazes lustfully at the fruit on display.

{scene two–The Balcony Bar}

Shaker One: “Look what I got today! ”

Shaker Two:  “‘OMG- cherries!”

Shaker One: “These must be a martini.”

<insert  frenetic montage of mixing,cutting, pouring, muddling, etc…….>

Cherries Jubilee Martini

~roasted cherries muddled with vanilla and regular vodka and shaken with whipped heavy cream~

Cherry Jubilee martini

Shakers One and Two: “mmmm creamy, but needs more cherry flavor!”

3 olives, but with potential for improvement.

<insert 2nd mixology montage>

Cherry Pie Martini

~roasted cherries  muddled with cinnamon infused vodka, regular vodka and a splash of lemon~

Cherry Pie martini

Shaker Two:  “This needs cherry liquor”

Shaker One: “It really does.  Looks like there will be a trip to the Candy Store in the near future”

Shaker Two:  “The cherry martini concept has potential, it just needs work…….”‘

Shaker One:  ” I’m gonna start a cherry vodka infusion, too.”

2 3/4 olives with potential.

Narrator: Stay tuned for further adventures in delicious cherry-ness.

Fade to drunk.


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