Jul 202011

True Confessions Time:  Shaker One has an entire shelf in her fridge devoted solely to all things fizzy.  I use bookends to hold up the rows of bottles.  Mostly its a few varieties of proseccos, kept on hand for whenever the mood hits.  Currently there’s also that bottle of South African bubbly I’ve wanted to try but just haven’t found a reason to open, next to the bottle of Schlumberger White Secco.  And of course, the ever present emergency champagne bottle remains at the ready at all times (usually Moet).

Shaker One Life Rule:  Like pearl earrings or a little black dress, a lady always keeps a chilled bottle of champagne on hand for any emergencies.


Now I adore champagne cocktails, but sometimes one is in the mood for something a bit different…like:

Bittersweet Bubbly Cooler


Take a tall glass, add a splash of Chambord, a bigger splash of Rose’s Lime (or lime juice and simple syrup), a few dashes of bitters (like Angostura), add ice, fresh berries  top with sparkling wine and stir.

This is a unique take on the traditional champagne cocktail.  Not sweet, with a complex layered flavor that is still completely refreshing.  This is a great way to kill the last of the bubbly in last night’s bottle.  I shall make this one again very soon.

Pop your corks and enjoy!


Jul 132011

When Shaker One was just a wee girl, eating out at a fancy restaurant was a rare treat.  To my 6 year old self, nothing was more elegant than ordering my own “cocktail”- The Shirley Temple.  A grown up looking drink in my favorite little girl color garnished with a cherry.  Sometimes the bartender would even put a little drink umbrella in it for me.  I fancied myself quite the sophisticate!

Flash forward 20 years or so (What? Move along.) to a hot summer evening and a thirsty Shaker.  A school night, so martinis are out and I wanted something more than just a glass of bubbly……..Shaker One gets creative.

The Tipsy Temple


Pomme juice, lime juice, simple syrup, a splash of lemon over ice topped with prosecco and very ripe berries.  Looks like Miss Temple stayed out after curfew on this one.  Innocent pink color, heady scent of lush berries as you sip, slightly sweet but mostly very refreshing.  Stand up and cheer, this one’s a winner!

Now gentlemen, I don’t want to hear “but it’s pink!”.  Of course it is.  Many delicious things are red.  And red, when diluted with things like vodka or prosecco turns pink.  Be secure enough to imbibe all things blushing.

Cherries optional.

Jun 082011

Bonjour and welcome to the latest episode of Bubbly Tales.  Shaker One recently enjoyed a fabulous trip to Paris.  While there, I may have sipped a Kir Royale or twelve.  (no, not all in the same day)

But the drink that knocked my chaussettes off in a city that isn’t exactly known for it’s cocktails was this:

Ordered on a whim from a menu at, of all places, The Left Bank Marriot hotel bar…….The Paris Chic.

Wow.  Spectacular in both visual appeal and taste.  Had I discovered this beauty earlier in my trip we would have enjoyed a brief but passionate affair of the glass.  As it was, it was the perfect cocktail on my last night to bid au revoir to The City of Lights.  And the fact that the waitress spilled the first round on me made me feel like I’d been baptized by Paris.

It’s impossible not to feel good while holding this in your hand:

I can’t wait to gather the ingredients to make this at home.  And bring a bit of Paris to an evening whenever I wish.

Je t’aime Paris, J’adore Le Paris Chic!


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