Feb 272011

Luigi Bormioli SON.hyx Crescendo 10-1/4-Ounce Martini Glasses, Set of 4

  • 10-ounce Martini, Set of 4
  • Luigi Bormioli?s proprietary material called SON.hyx allows the glasses to be extremely break resistant and transparent.
  • 25 Year Guarantee!  The guarantee covers chipping on the rim or foot as well as any discoloration or cloudiness resulting from dishwashing.
  • Innovative glassmaking techniques produce perfectly smooth rims and edges
  • 25 year guarantee covers rim and foot chipping as well as discoloration

SON.hyx produced glassware is an exciting fusion of elegance and technology.  In addition to having ideal bowl shapes, fine rims, and beautifully drawn stems that are synonymous with Luigi Bormioli, glassware made in SON.hyx is extremely brilliant in color, has a beautiful sound, maintains its clarity after thousands of industrial dishwashing cycles, and possesses an extremely high level of durability and strength.  Like all Luigi Bormioli Italian glassware, SON.hyx glasses are dishwasher sa

List Price: $ 36.00



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