Aug 052011

Recently, I was in New York City and my friend and I stopped at a little dive bar for a drink. I ordered my “I don’t know the bartender, so I am gonna order something easy” drink – Grey Goose dirty. When I got my drink (poured all the way to the rim.. nice for the extra liquor, but impossible to drink without spilling unless you lean over to the bar in a truly unladylike manner and slurp from the top of the glass) and I noticed it tasted… odd. Not in an “OMG Imma gonna vomit” kinda way, but just different.

This is not the first time I have had this happen. So when I returned home, I got to Googlin’ in an effort to get to the bottom of it. I am sure it has something to do with the brine, but what is it that makes them taste so different sometimes? I could not find a definitive answer, though after reading about how some put vermouth in to make more brine, or how some use premade brines that have not seen an olive for weeks I have come to the very unscientific conclusion that it must be something to do with how the bar adds more liquid to make more brine. Sure, there are various types of olives, but most use fairly generic Spanish green olives.

So why the blog title about being a snob when I have just blathered on about brine and dirty martinis?

Well, as I was hopping around doing my “research” I came across so many holier than thou comments on how dirty martinis were “rookie juice” or a “beginner’s drink” and how those who drank vodka based martinis had not learned to be an adult.

Are you KIDDING me?

Oh, people, lighten up.

First, do not assume anything about a person based on what they drink. Sure, I make the occasional comment about those who might drink Bud Light and sure, there are many beers out there with more depth in flavor. I do not consider these people idiots (even though some are, but that has nothing to do with what they drink, ya know?)

Second, who are you to argue what someone prefers taste-wise? Your palate is your palate and theirs is theirs. Come down off your high horse. I have a friend who is totally fine with drinking Smirnoff. Unless it is drowned in cranberry, I am not fond of it. She asked if that was bad and I told her if she likes it, keep drinking it. (She also gets the bonus of it being a less expensive vodka)

There are some people who have not tried other drinks, it can be a bit intimidating to walk up to the wall of liquors at a bar and drop the cash to try something new. Someone who has not had the opportunity to be adventurous does not deserve scorn. If they want to try something new, offer suggestions, be helpful. If you can find a good bartender/mixologist and get to know them, they might be up for letting you taste something new (this is how I discovered the beauty that is Tito’s Vodka – I probably never would have picked it off the shelf at random.) If someone likes what they like and has no desire to try something else, no harm in that, either.

For those who maintain that some order certain things because they have not tried “real” drinks, get over yourself and enjoy the company of your friends without being so judgmental.

/rant off


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    OMG this just happened to me. .. last night I was trying to decide what to order so I asked the bartender, What’s your favorite vodka drink. He replied, I don’t drink vodka, I like my drinks to have flavor….


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