Jul 072010

So you’re feeling adventurous and trying out a new martini recipe with friends.  It’s one you haven’t tried before and though you’re feeling brave, you really don’t want to pour anything horrifying into their glasses.  Or you’re making an old recipe that needs a bit of adjustment- a little sweeter for the ladies perhaps.  Either way, the best way to get your flavor right is to take a quick taste yourself before serving to guests.  Now you can simply pour out a bit into a clean shot glass, but why not have some fun with an old bartender’s trick?  Take a drinking straw, put the bottom third or so into the liquid.  Now place your finger over the top to create a seal and lift up, put the end in your mouth and let go!  A quick taste without losing much volume in your shaker.  Now you can tell if it needs a bit more of this or that.

Simple, quick and makes you look like a pro at the bar.  Cheers!


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