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As the weather warms up and we head into summer, The Shakers look for refreshing ways to beat the heat.   While perusing one of my go-to websites, Apartment Therapy/The Kitchen, I’ve come across a fun new way to enjoy your cocktails:  in popsicle form!  Part cocktail, part frozen treat, I’d be tempted to dub them ‘Cock-sicles’, but I think that would make this an entirely different kind of website.  Pop-tails?

My first venture in this medium is this recipe-Campari Citrus Pops.   Now Shaker Two has an aversion to all things Campari that would make a vampire look like a garlic lover, so I shall go this one alone.  *Shaker One, takes one for the team~!* (Thanks, Shaker One.. I owe ya.)

I opted for the recipe using the ruby red grapefruit juice, as I thought it would be a really nice compliment to the ‘bite’ of the Campari.  I mixed it up and decided to sample two freezing options:  popsicle form and granita!  I used a popsicle mold set I’d gotten at Target and have never used.  It came with mix and directions for making winter/holiday peppermint popsicles (we shall try those later, don’t worry).

But back to my citrus fun.  First up: Campari Ruby Grapefruit Granita

Campari Ruby Grapefruit Granita

My goodness.  This is a lovely and refreshing treat.  I think it would make an amazing end to a summer evening BBQ or dinner on the patio.  I can imagine so many more boozy granita possibilities………..we shall be revisiting this concept all summer, I promise you that.

Next is the Campari Citrus Pop

Campari Ruby Red Grapefruit Pop

A bit softer than a regular pop, due to the addition of some booze (so eat them quickly!)……..I dipped the bottom of the mold into warm water for a few moments to help the pops release.  These are just plain fun.  I really like the ruby grapefruit/Campari combo…….delicious!

Because there really isn’t much alcohol in these, they would be perfect for a light treat without too much kick.  I can’t wait to try more recipes!

Oh, and a friend sent me a link to this product, which makes me think of one thing:  Cocktail Snow Cones!!!  Must get one for The Balcony Bar. (uhmmm yeah!! ~Shaker Two)

Shaker One’s verdict:  Delicious on both counts.  Bring on Summer!!


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  1. I am your new fan! You guys are great and I love reading your posts. Plus, it’s a little nostalgic because I left my beautiful apartment in Miracle Mile just last summer to live in Italy. Sounds like a dream, but it’s really hard to top life in LA. You can’t get martinis where I am! Good thing I packed my shaker ; )
    Pop-tails are a great idea (although I do I like ‘cock-sicles’–it has such a nice ring to it). I thought I would share one of my favorite tini’s that is super simple, great for making large quantities and might work quite well as a pop-tail. Take a can of lychees from Trader Joes and blend the lychees with a bit it’s syrup (reserving a few whole ones for the glasses). You can then strain the puree depending on how you feel about pulp (I like it, so I leave it) and mix with your fave vodka. I use 2 parts lychee puree to 1 part vodka, but it might be nice with a splash of St. Germain…never tried that before. Wish I had some right now. There’s another thing I miss…BevMo, K&L…
    Oh well, keep up the good work and I hope you like the lychee recipe!

    • Thank you Nicole! Let us know if there are any recipes or ingredients you’re curious about. We hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

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