Sep 072009

….check out the new Red Shaker logo merchandise. Super stylin’ designs on a variety of products that all the cool kids will be sporting. Don’t be left in the dork dust.


Sometimes time gets away, schedules conflict and moods do not cooperate. In lieu of an official Shaker Night, Shakers 1 and 2 are working on getting schtuff done. In Shaker #2 case, it is more about thinking about it, then finding things more entertaining then actually finishing them.

{Shaker One’s liver sees a fall full of football tailgates and shaker nights and is very scared}

On that note, we bring you… new stuff in the store!!! Super spiffy new items for the purchasing! Proceeds help fund the vodka stash. Check it out – buy lots!

Happy Labor Day! More vodka fun soon!


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