Jul 142009

Happy Bastille Day! We took time out on a school night to celebrate this historic day French style. Hors d’oeuvres included les fromages, la petite charcuterie, vichyssoise and a tapenade Sheridan was craving.

We began the evening with a Parisian Martini.

Admittedly, this was stepping out with some ingredients that were not normally in the Shaker repertiore: Lillet blanc and St. Germaine. This drink had us hesitantly sniffing to see if we could get a clue as to what this might taste like – it was lovely. Slightly sweet, a few hints of herbals… it made us anticipate what was to come – we were not disappointed.

The flavor reminded Shaker Two of less sweet orange muscat wine. It was slightly sweet, with a depth of flavor that kept giving hints of other flavors melding together. Can you tell this was a hit? It is a lovely drink and one we look forward to bringing back as an encore – perhaps a martini showdown.

Shaker Two bestowed 4 olives

Shaker One 4.25

Stripey came out to join us in the cool air on the patio.


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