Jun 062009

#1 Chuckleberrytini

Though we failed to note the “garnish with skittles” note in the recipe, this was not a bad way to begin our tini quest. Made a very pretty tini, could have used a bit more raspberry flavor and perhaps even a splash of lemon. Nice finish. Overall a decent tini.

Consensus Rating:
(Sheridan gives the name 5 olives!)

Moving along folks, onto the….

#2 The Continental Martini

Surprisingly less sweet than expected. Nice finish. Pretty color. Not bad.

Consensus Rating: 

And that brought us to Sheridan’s favorite:

#3 The Pink Panther

Oh lord, how I wish I had a camera when Sheridan took a sip of this one. Note to self: No Campari for Miss Sheridan. Wow, picture a combo spit-take/sourpuss/omg what foul hell just arrived in my mouth face. It was awesome. I poured her a fresh glass of champagne to wash the taste out of her mouth. Heh.

The drink? Ok, you really need to enjoy Campari. It’s a very, very acquired taste. That said, for me it was interesting. No replacement for the Negroni or the Americano in the Campari world, but worth a taste. I can think of many better uses for champagne.

Sheridan Rating: negative 50000 olives
Stacia Rating: 

(Sheridan is eyeballing me to finish the hell-tini so we can move on to dessert….drink up Stacia!)

And for dessert?

#4 The Chocolate Hazelnut Martini

I take back everything disparaging I ever said about chocolate/dessert martinis. consensus? Yum. Though Miss Sheridan was hoping for more of a nutella flavor. Rich, very desserty. You really only want one. A very tasty finish to the evening.

(however, as a milkshake? Diabolically delicious-the nesquick bunny would would sell his mother for this)

{Snackie Menu: Roasted Asparagus, Olives, Mushroom Pockets (thanks Trader Joe!), Mini Baked Potato Bites, and Pizzatizer}


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